Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great Foundation Challenge

Seeing as it's the most important element of your makeup wardrobe to get right, I am currently road testing lot's of new foundations so I can pass on my verdicts to you.
However as I am applying them to my own and others faces each day, I have to admit I keep coming back to a few that I hold in high esteem!
The Face and Body foundation by MAC is one of my all time, hall of fame, can do no wrong products!
It is a professional product so is only sold in their pro stores as opposed to smaller counters or airports, but do try to get your hand on it at some stage on your makeup odyssey!
The beauty of it is that once it is applied, it looks like great skin; not makeup. It is sheer and lightweight but has a build-able coverage; you can apply layers of it and it will never cake or gather in clumps. It is suitable for all skin types and is best applied with your fingers as it is so light that a brush or sponge will just soak it up. The colour range is great (ask for samples before you buy though, to be sure you have the right shade). It is fantastic value for money at only €36 for 120ml; 4 times more than you get in other foundations!
I am quite evangelical about this product, I have loved it long time!

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