Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello There You!

This is my first post on Ellie Loves. I sincerely hope that you might find something of interest to you here. I will be adding my little voice to the big noise of the blogosphere and telling all about my favourite makeup products as well as lots of the tips I have to pass on as a professional makeup artist. I am also prone to waxing lyrical about fabulous things I find on my hunts through the web for inspiration. I imagine that this blog will end up a mood board of sorts as I collate the images, products and words that I love!



Elaine said...

Hi Ellie,

Congrats on the blog, I'm a friend of your John's and he sent me the link!

I was wondering, what's your thoughts on bare mineral type foundations?
I normally use things like max factor lasting performance, but I'm getting on in years, and think I definitely need a change, but unsure of where to go, as most water-based foundations don't give me nice even coverage. Also I'm very fair skinned and worried bare minerals, which come highly recommended, might be too dark/fake-tan-like for my complexion...

What do you reckon?



marthamchale said...

Hi Ellie,

Congrats on the blog idea. Good on ya.
Regarding the mascara, It drives me nuts. Need to have a bitch.I bought another one the other day (max factor) crap crap......What's the deal with all the clumps. Not mad about the new funny brushes they have now. Boo hoo. Back to old school I say. I'll be back when I find another one that doesn't make my lashes look like I have 10 coats on. Sticky sticky. Hey, Q. how do you unstick when it goes all clumpy anyway? You must have insight. Do I really have to start again??? After taking ages getting the eyeshadow right I don't fancy wipeing it all off. My word(s) of the day - Ickle Buns

Ellie Balfe said...

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for visiting!

I think mineral foundations are fairly hit and miss at the moment. Bare minerals by Bare Escentuals is the best of the loose powder format but there is a knack to putting it on so practice makes perfect. It's all about buffing it on with a brush. The staff at the counters are good so get them to give you a demo before you think about buying it. If you have pale skin, the Fairly light colour could be good for you, but definitely get it tried on you to see if you like it first.
Minerals also come in liquid foundations now and the Mineralize Satinfinsh foundation by MAC is lovely and has a nice coverage that should last you the whole day. It has a soft illuminationg effect which is flattering. However if your skin is dry, it won't work...best on normal to combination skins. Hope this helps!

Ellie x

Ellie Balfe said...

Hey Martha!

I'm not convinced about all the new brushes either. Frankly they seem to me to be just a new feature for marketing purposes and they don't necessarily improve the application of the mascara that much. I love the Hypnose mascara by Lancome and find that it rarely clumps. You can apply two layers of it without getting into trouble. If you do find clumps check that the mascara isn't too old; you should throw it out after 3 months and only apply two coats; any more and it will always clump. Another tip get rid of clumps once they are there is to pinch the lashes together while it's wet, pulling the clumps off the lash and then run through the lashes with an eyelash comb to separate again or if you don't have one use the mascara wand but wipe as much of the product off the brush with a tissue first.

Ellie x

Catherine Goodall said...


Great site darling, looking forward to seeing how this develops... and if you ever find the perfect mascara, well women everywhere will be eternally grateful!

Kate x

Ellie Balfe said...

Thanks Kate! Let the Great Mascara challenge begin!


Glenda Vaughan said...

Hi Ellie
LOVE your blogs. So interesting. When is your next make up course chic. The intensive one?

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