Friday, May 7, 2010

Living the Highlight

Highlighting products are a fascination to most people, yet they tend to be very unsure as to how to use them. It's worth learning where exactly to apply them and to find the good ones as when they are used properly they give such a gorgeous glow and sheen to the skin, making it look younger and healthier. Yes, please!
I am quite loyal to The Multiple sticks by NARS. They have been around for a while but haven't been surpassed. They come in a range of colours with the pale flesh toned one called Copacabana being the highlighting hero shade. Apply it with your fingers to the tops of the cheekbones taking care not to come into the cheek area. Also tap some on the brow bone under the brows to lift the eye space. In the night time it can be nice to tap a tiny amount over the brows just from where the brow begins to the arch. Blend it in well with your fingers and you are left with a subtle sheen that enhances the contours of your face.

The other shades are used in place of your regular blush colours to add warmth to the cheeks. Apply the same way; with fingers and blend, blend, blend! Don't go for a shade that is much darker than your skin tone as it will go patchy as you try to blend.

I find that these stick formats are easier to use as liquid shimmers can be a bit tricky to maneouver. However the Strobe Cream by MAC and Moonbeam by Benefit are very popular.

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