Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lipstick Queen

It's a good name for the brand because Poppy King is a lipstick queen! She started out making lipsticks when she graduated from school purely because she couldn't find any colours or textures that she liked. She was really into the whole 1940's styling thing and wanted a true, deep pillar box red that didn't fade or go pink, as a lot of them tend to do. So she worked with a chemist and the Poppy brand was made. After 12 years, this company came of age and became Lipstick Queen. Now she does all her shades in various formulas; Saints, Sinners, Medieval etc.
I particularly like the Saints range which has 10% pigment and gives a soft wash of colour to the lip. I regularly wear the Saint Natural which is a good shade just a tone or two deeper than your lips, and the Saint Red is perfect if you want a pop of red but can't face the intensity of a full red. The Sinner range has 90% pigment, so is pretty opaque. The Sinner shades are for those 'take no prisoner' kind of days!
It's a great way to play around with various ways of wearing colour.
Lipstick is back people...get on board.

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