Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Search for Glow

I am currently trying this foundation. I am always on the look out for a great glowy foundation that has some coverage. I find that a lot of this category can be too sheer or far too glittery or oily. A good quality luminous foundation should give your skin an almost pearly sheen to flatter it but still look like skin - not like makeup.
I had high hopes from this product as I love Chanel as a brand ( purely for the double C's and all they stand for!) but alas I have been a little disappointed. I have found that the French brands tend to have quite a peachy undertone in the foundations; a disaster for anyone with pink undertones in their skin, myself for one.
However I like the coverage of Teint Innocence and I tried it on my friend Jen who has annoyingly perfect skin and appears to not be aging a day and it was lovely. On my slightly de-hydrated and sleep deprived new mothers' skin it looked bad; it looked obvious and seemed to sit on the surface rather than merge with the skin.
I continue my quest.

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