Monday, May 10, 2010

Bronze Me Up

Bronzing powder, oh how I love thee...and so does everyone else it seems but oh how they can get it wrong! There are rules to bronzing and they must be obeyed. If you don't heed them, you will look a horrible shade of yuck! It's fairly simple as soon as you understand the knack to it. It's important that you get the right colour. Most bronzers on sale are too dark ie; too brown or too red toned. The best shade is a tone of peach; this has the effect of lightening and brightening the skin, looking like a natural sun kiss. Your bronzer should be matte in the day and only have a shimmer in the night time as most of them are very glittery.

The next step is how and where to apply it correctly. Firstly, less is more! Secondly, apply it in the shape of a number 3 from the sides of your forehead, sweeping to your cheekbones and down to your jawline. Then add a dab on your nose, the same on your chin and sweep some over your neck as this area is always paler than your face (unless you are wearing false tan and if so you don't need it). Use a medium sized brush for this application, if the brush is too large it will distribute the colour over too large an area and will result in a total bronzed face which is never natural.

Bronzers that I love are the one above by Rimmel, great colour, great texture and great price. Golden by MAC is also good and the Guerlain wardrobe of bronzers are pricey but excellent.

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