Monday, May 24, 2010

I Heart Letterpress

I had a wedding-tastic weekend what with working on a gorgeous wedding on Saturday and taking part in the very swish D4 Berkeley Hotel wedding fair on Sunday where I was making up the models and chatting to some very excited brides to be about their makeup ideas!

I also had the good fortune to meet the lovely Pamela of Farrell & Chase letterpress stationary. If you don't know about the letterpress style of printing, let me tell you that it is a totally gorgeous, vintage style of making stationary. I have loved it since I came across the Greenwich Letterpress in New York where I stocked up my stash of cards for all occasions. It is printed with an old fashioned press, one colour at a time on lovely tactile paper. The process means that each item can be slightly different and it has so much more character than regular old printing styles.

So, you can tell that I love it and I was so excited to meet Pamela and see her elegant yet whimsical designs. She is a pro at what she does, so I think any of you getting hitched should vamoose to Farrell & Chase poste haste!

Pamela was inspired by old luggage labels for this design intended for weddings abroad...

Look at the love birds on the antique gold envelopes...
I will be knocking on Pamela's door for my own wedding next year, let me tell you!

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