Thursday, August 5, 2010


To be really honest, sometimes I find the whole beauty with integrity thing a little wearing...controversial, I know. While their ideals can be worthwhile, sometimes their makeup isn't so. Wouldn't it be great to find a brand that created excellent products as well as leaving an excellent legacy behind. Now before you all jump down my throat, I know that Estee Lauder and many other companies have fantastic initiatives to support some wonderful causes and I really rate their Breast Cancer Awareness month and it's related product launches very highly. However, at the end of the day, it's only a drop in the ocean of what the particular charities need and it's not entirely balanced with what the billions the companies make each year...but yes, it's big corporate business and that's how it works.

So, when I came across I am a Peacekeeper I was dubious to say the least but I was wrong to be so judgmental. They have a limited little line of natural, mineral based lip paints, nail colours, lip glosses and balms. I tried the lip paints first and boy was I eating humble pie; I loved them! They are deeply pigmented yet smooth and they have some lovely shades. With names like Paint me Accepting, Paint me Empowered and Paint me Truthful they may be a bit much for the cynical but I thawed out somewhat and a slightly warm fuzzy feeling evolved when I read that after taxes, they donate ALL their profits to urgent women's rights issues. They focus on women living at the bottom of the pyramid living on a dollar a day or those living in servitude or exploitation.

So far, so great and I was so happy to see that their products really are good. Their nail polishes are pretty sheer but they are good and they have the bonus that they are a very highly rated natural nail polish which can be hard to find. This really matters if you are (and you should be!) concerned about the levels of toxicity in your system which can be really added to by cosmetics.

The Cosmetics Safety Database rates the Peacekeeper polishes as a 3 on a scale of toxicity with water being 0 and 10 being dangerous. This is the lowest rating of a nail polish apparently...good to know eh? Also the Lip paints were recently a finalist for Best lip product of the year by the Cosmetics Executive Women.

I hope I don't sound too preachy but I'm so happy to find this line and I think it deserves support, check it out and enjoy the glow you will get both from the products and it's message.

Warm fuzzy feeling anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie Loves, I just love the sound of the the Paint Me Peaceful etc range. Hm does Peaceful have a sound?? It must do. Anyway where can these lovely things be purchased?

Just loving your Blog.

Ellie Balfe said...

Hi Anon!

I bought my Peackeeper bits from Nelsons Pharmacy in Dublin 2. I have sent the company a mail to find out where else they are stocked...I'll let you know when they get back to me.

Thanks for reading!

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