Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Thoughts

I've just been having a peek at Elle Decor, it's one of my favourite wastes of time!
I love the style of the homes they feature. The kitchen above is more minimal than my usual taste but I like the details; the brushed steel cabinets, huge flower display and artwork on the counters are fabulous.

Great table and oversized vase display (hmm, a theme today methinks!)

Nice display for a lot of crockery...these people must entertain a lot!

I really like the idea of using an old table as a prep surface, perfect for storing nice looking pots and casserole dishes beneath...

1 comment:

musingsofamedstudent.com said...

I loooove the last photo. I intend to have a proper old fashioned country kitchen with a big big wooden table in the middle. Love it! Also, loving the open shelves thing.

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