Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh Cat Deeley, you have such pretty hair, and a pretty smile and a shiny happy attitude. I've always liked her and when I met her at a party a few year ago she was nice then too. So it's not an act... refreshing!

Anyway, back to that hair. It's super glossy and super lovely so when she became the brand ambassador for the new Pantene Aqua Light range my interest was piqued...
I had to try it...good old marketing eh?! I have used Pantene several times over the years when I've been looking for a budget shampoo but haven't been overly-enamoured with it. Sometimes I just can't justify those expensive salon brand shampoos and this is one of those times! Pennies are tight but I still want nice hair, can't be too much to ask/demand/wish for, right?
I have relatively normal hair but it can lack shine and I don't tend to use too much conditioner because I've found that it weighs it down and feels lank so Pantene's claims of light swishability sounded good.

Well, I love it! Without getting too technical it contains much less silicone that before ( it is no longer the second ingredient after water) and it rinses clean in no time, and I mean no time!
I tried the conditioner too which is great. Almost mousse- like in texture and rinses away so easily too.
After blowdrying, my hair feels light, looks glossy and conditioned and doesn't have that horrible feeling of residue.
I'm loving this range...it performs like an expensive brand but at low level prices.

Now, back to that shiny happy attitude....Swissshh!

Anyone tried it yet?


Jewels said...

Oh Cat Deeley, you are so pretty you make me jealous, but you are so nice I can't hekp but admire you!

Velveteen said...

This is on the shopping list for tomorrow!!!

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