Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Copper at Armani

Well firstly, I have to say how much I adore these dresses! Secondly, have a look at the beautiful copper shades in the eye makeup. Copper is a wonderful shade for eye shadow, it's really coming back into vogue now so I think you should try it out!

Copper is so great on all eye colours but particularly greens and blues...they just look so bright and striking when covered in a copper wash. Linda Cantello used a graded shadow design at the Armani Couture show with a lighter tone on the inner corners blended out to a deep coppery bronze at the outside.

There are some great copper shadows on the market at the moment. Antiqued, Coppering and Bronze by MAC are fantastic. The Armani eye shadow quad in Earth are the shades used in these pics and Golden Shimmer by L'Oreal is a strong metallic gold which is perfect for lightening up the inner corners.

I had to include this shot of the uber-hairstylist Oribe.... how handsome and dashing does he look! A little intimidating but a fashion legend. He creates the most amazing hair ever.

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