Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skin Saviours

I have always been interested in looking after my skin as best I could but I must admit that in my 20's my regime was rather slapdash. A good cleanser and moisturiser for sure, but serums and SPF's? No. I was kinda too busy running around and thought my skin would always back me up by looking ok'ish most of the time.

Then I hit my 30's. Then I hit my mid-thirties (sshh!) and then...I had a baby. So then I knew I had to call in the big guns!
I started looking in to serums and their associated benefits, all the while a little reluctant to put another layer of another product on my skin before I'd even got to the makeup!

After grilling several of my friends who are skin experts and trialling lot's of products on myself and my clients, I have reduced it down to these as my Holy Trinity. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is one of the ultimate Hero products. It helps your skin to renew itself while adding numerous anti-aging treats. Use it for 21 days at a time to boost your skin and make it look younger and lovelier and then give it a rest for a while. To use it all the time is too much I feel. Keep it for when your skin looks in need of some lovin'.

The now-famous Boots Perfect & Perfect Beauty Serum is another winner as far as I'm concerned. It's chock full of peptides which are your skin's little helpers when it comes to anti-aging concerns. It's also a nice base for makeup as it's not heavy or sticky at all. I use it a lot on my makeup clients and my Mum is addicted to it! She really sees the benefits over time and won't use anything else. I find it's light enough to use every day and it's a fantastic price too for something so effective.

I've been using this on myself and on brides lately and it's great too. It is fantastic on skin that is a little dull from de-hydration and sun as it perks it up no end. It doesn't fill in open pores like some primers do, so don't expect that of it, just expect it to add some pep to your skin and you'll be happy.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I do now use serums and SPF's and my (mid-30's) skin loves me for it!

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