Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rosy Cheeks

There is nothing like a well applied wash of cream blush over the cheeks for glowy loveliness. When mastered it is also a great multi-purpose product for Mums on the run or those who can't be bothered with endless layering of powder on powder. The best way to get a sheer veil of colour rather than patches is to use with a brush...your foundation brush will work for this perfectly, even if there is a residue of foundation on there; all the better to keep it sheer. Simply dip the brush into the palette, test the strength on the back of your hand and buff gently on to the cheeks hitting the apple of the cheek first and sweeping out towards the hairline but not so far as to touch the hairline.
Put a dab on lips too for a little pop of colour that matches your cheeks...you'll be rosy and gorgeous in no time!

My lovely regular readers will know that I am quite devoted to the Stila cream blushers but annoyingly they have been withdrawn from Ireland. They are available on Beauty Bay but I have also found a much cheaper alternative...Max Factor Miracle Touch! Very nice texture, very cute colours...what's not to love about these little beauts!

Anyone tried them? What did you think?

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