Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bottled Miracle?

This is Lancome's latest offering to the foundation ranks; Teint Miracle, and it sure promises a lot. It is based on how the skin reacts to light and it gives an aura effect to the skin, an almost 'lit from within' glow.
The light reflective particles in this foundation are five times smaller than typical mother of pearl particles normally used in illuminating foundations and so the skin looks truely luminous not shiny. It has 10 times less fillers normally used in foundations and 40% of it is water. There is also rose extract to hydrate and soothe.
So far, so great....on paper. Does it do the job though? I tried some on the other day and I did like it a lot, it glides on to the skin very smoothly but I found the texture to be heavier than I anticipated. It is definitely a medium weight foundation and I personally prefer a lighter coverage, but that is just me. I think that this foundation will be loved by many who like a bit of coverage and also a glow. A lot of products with a decent coverage have been quite matte and false looking, so this will be a welcome change. It will also be a star product for more mature skins needing hydration and increased glow.

So is it a miracle worker? Perhaps...


Laura said...

It also dries within 5 seconds of putting it on your face so you have to be quick. I use tinted moisturiser as I am freckly. Whatever foundation I wear I look like I am wearing it because of my freckles. Does that make sense? My face and chest look different when I wear foundation. Any tips would be appreciated. I never seem to have flawless looking skin and so I wish I didn't have freckles. Aplogies for the rant! :)

Ellie Balfe said...

Hi Laura,

The best thing to do when choosing a foundation for your freckly skin (which I think is gorgeous by the way!) is to get a shade to match the undertone - the paler tone - that way you'll match your body. Use a bronzer like Rimmel Light matte to bring up the tone slightly around the edges of your face and a peachy toned blush will bring it all together. Also go for a sheer coverage as a heavier coverage will look like you are trying (and failing) to conceal the freckles which will look artificial overall. Try Face & Body by MAC.

Hope this helps


Laura said...

That is really helpful, thank you. I didn't think about using bronzer.

Thank you so much.



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