Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love Your Lashes

I had a meeting with Revlon the other day where I was given the new season's collection and it's pretty interesting...(more on the colour range later)
So far, all I've got to trying is their latest mascara; Grow Luscious. Now before you groan ' not another inflated mascara claim' just get a load of this...
This mascara does claim to deliver instant length and volume via new fibres that extend your own lash as well as a phytopeptide formula which conditions and strengthens. Think of it as a conditioning mascara rather than one that is going to extend the hairs to unrealistic proportions.
Revlon say that 96% of women trialled saw longer, fuller, more luscious lashes. Well of course they did! They don't tell us how long they tested it for or how many women were in the trial... so far, so typical!
So, I'll trial it for you! I have used it for the past week and I really, really like it as a cosmetic product. That is, it looks great and feels great to use. I like the big brush very much, it's fantastic at building volume and the formula is indeed very soft, it isn't too wet so it smudges or too dry so it cakes and falls.
On the other hand, I cannot yet rate it's claims yet as a therapeutic product as I need to wear it for longer to really see how my lashes are in a few weeks.
So, for now, it's looking really good (rather like Dior Show actually) and it'a a good price point at €13. I will get back to you on the longterm benefits.

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Nic (WarPaintGuru) said...

I really like the sound of this one! Looking forward to hearing how your trial goes :-) xxx

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