Tuesday, September 14, 2010

70's Vibe For Marc Jacobs

Ok so I'm jumping the gun a tad...right into next Spring in fact, but I just had to give you the beauty scoop on Marc Jacobs ready to wear 2011 collection that showed this week in New York. It was an extravaganza of seventies colours, shapes and textures and the beauty was reflective of that.

Francois Nars was the makeup maestro on hand to paint faces and he bleached out the brows, smoked up the eyes with a deep, forest green mixed with black and lot's of vaseline for a shiny, slightly messy look. The lips were red but pressed on to the lip with fingers rather than with a brush so the effect is transparent and a bit worn looking.

Hair was HUGE and crimped. Are we heading back to the seventies? What with the high waisted trousers we'll be wearing this winter and the luxe camel vibe.... I think so....

(images from here )

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