Tuesday, September 21, 2010

High Marks for High Lengths

This was one of the mascaras that I tested in my makeup category for the Prudence Beauty Awards and I gave it very high marks. It is the High Lengths mascara by Clinique and when I opened the tube to see the wand initially, I admit I gave a little groan of despair... I thought it was yet another gimicky brush that I would hate. I was quite wrong. I've never used a brush like this one with good results but this one is different. It is a line of tiny tines, like a mini comb. But it's at the perfect angle for good results. It is one sided so there is no confusion as to which side is up and once you get it as close as you can to the roots of the lashes and pull it all the way out to the tips you get longer looking lashes....honestly!
I thought it was great and would be amazing for those with shorter lashes that tend to clump with other bigger mascara wands. It does not add volume. At all. But it never said it did!
If you need extra length, this will do it. End of.


Sherrie said...

My favourite mascara is their High Impact Curling mascara. This is everything I look for in wand! x

Amelia said...

ive never tried any clinique makeup but this looks good :)

amelia @ http://ameliablogsoff.blogspot.com

xoxo stay fabulous

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