Monday, September 6, 2010

A Taste for Weddings

The more I see of wedding dresses, the less I want a 'wedding dress' per se...

I had a wonderful and long overdue catch up with my old friend Jemma on Saturday and she is also getting married next year, although she is a much more organised bride-to-be than me. I have done nothing to plan it whereas she is almost ready to rock!
However those are the only differences, we completely agree on all matters of wedding style and taste with both of us taking our influences from some of the amazingly inspirational wedding blogs from the US.
We both want a relaxed, low-key yet high-fun event with none of the usual trappings of what are typical Irish weddings. Now, don't get me wrong, each to their own, but I don't want a matchy- matchy wedding where the bridesmaids dresses co-ordinate with the organza bows on the chairs covers. In fact, I don't care for chair covers. Or organza bows.

So Jemma is not wearing a bridal gown; she wearing a stunning dress from a well known designers ready to wear collection re-made for her in cream and I'm very much liking this idea.
I, on the other hand, quite fancy wearing a long, fluid skirt with a simple vest or cashmere sweater tied with a belt and rows and rows of fantastic pearls...

I love the image above by Rachel Gilbert...that's really my vibe! It may be odd to some, but it feels good to me. I suppose that's how weddings should be's your day so should reflect you. I'll step down from my soapbox so, organza bows or not...if it feels good, do it!


Anne-Marie said...

oh I love it!!!

Check out

for ideas - lots of non typical stuff.

I also loved the fact that Jennine from The Coveted wore her wedding dress on a random day:

Ellie Balfe said...

Hey Anne-Marie,

I read all those! Love 'em... So inspiring.
Wish there was a wedding industry in Ireland in these styles...hhmm maybe one day!

Anne said...

What a fab look Ellie. Do what feels good. I got married last summer and didn't want a 'wedding dress' either. Got a lovely (and very comfy) dress from an alternative wedding dress line. Loved it. I didn't wear a vail and got a local jewellery designer to make a pearl hairband with wire flowers. She also made a lovely pearl bracelet. I simply couldn't justify thousands on a dress I would only wear for a few hours, instead I treated myself to two lovely Furla bags while in Barcelona on our honeymoon.

Anne-Marie said...

Ellie Im not even getting married and I love reading them!

My friend was shopping for a wedding dress recently and some of the shops really make you feel like dirt if you're not looking at the top of the range stuff!

Anne you were dead right!

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