Friday, September 10, 2010

Inspired By MAC

( my friend and fellow makeup artist, Ailbhe, and me at the masterclass )

On Wednesday evening, I was invited to attend the MAC trend masterclass that they run every year for makeup artists. I love these sessions as I find them so inspiring. As you all know MAC are the leaders in forward thinking when it comes to makeup styles. The way they play around with products and textures is fantastic and some of their artists are true visionaries. That said, the trends aren't always so wearable for the mere mortal! However this seasons looks and inspirations were some of the most adaptable for reality that I've seen in some time. They made it accessible and that is where their success this season will lie...most of you will like and feel able to pull of some or all of these looks (within reason!)
The session was led by the senior artists Neil Young and Lesley Keane whose roll call of fashion shows they have worked on is like the Who's Who of the best shows and celebrities. From the runways of Giambattista Valli, Balmain, Chloe, Alexander McQueen to painting the faces of Grace Jones, Goldie Hawn, Shirley Bassey, Tilda Swinton, Linda Evangelista....they were all there. Every makeup artists wannabe CV!

( Redd Velvet )
They talked us through the key trends and we watched a demo of two looks. What was interesting though was that everyone was in agreement that there are no trends anymore! Its seen as a reflection of the times we're in and the fact that makeup has become more aspirational and accessible; so basically, people can do what they like! If it's worn well and suits the person and their individual vibe - they're on trend.
The first look we saw is called Redd Velvet which is a re-working of a classic red lip. Of course a crimson pout is never going to go away, it's indestructible. It will change and vary subtly each season but the message is the same. It's about strength and passion - wall flowers need not apply!
The way to keep it current for A/W '10 is to go so low-key on the eye makeup that there is almost none there. A slick of vaseline or eye gloss over the lid, a strongly defined straight brow (not archy) and no mascara keeps it looking contemporary. Neil used MAC's famous Russian Red first but then toned it down to a blacky plum by using smoulder eye pencil on top. You could either add gloss for a strong vinyl lip and leave it there; go as far as your comfort zone will allow.

(Satin Eyes )
The other look showcased for us was Satin-Eyes which contains some pretty far out eye liner work (bottom right, above, was the one we saw). The vibe of this is one is meant to be pure and ethereal and a little futuristic. I think this look is amazing for catwalk but too much for real people. However, you can make this look your own by using liquid liner to line and pull out into an exagerrated flick, although not too flicky as the straighter the line, the more current it will appear. This is supposed to look dramatic so go as far as you dare with it. They used Copperplate shadow with it which was one of the most used eye shadows throughout all of the fashion weeks this year and deservedly so...copper is a great tone for all.

(Voile Veil )
This look is Voile Veil and I think it was my favourite; this seamless, blended, billowing effect is the kind of makeup that I like to do. It is poetic and romantic looking and so, so flattering.
Low key luxury is what came to my mind with this one and it's so perfect with all the minimalist and quite graphic shapes in fashion this season. Keep the eyes shimmery in Satin Taupe or Shale, define under the lashes with a darker shadow but there is no liner or any hard edges at all. The lips are nude and creamy looking; no gloss, just moist. It's dreamy and soft and out of focus. I loved it.

(Fourply )
The final look is called Fourply and it's all about colours that you can eat. Caramels, toffees, chocolates abound and they give a new bare, nude appeal that is a throw back to the nineties and the Spice lip liner days! Skin is perfected with the one of the two key foundations this season; Sculpt or Pro Longwear. I can recommend Sculpt and I haven't yet tried Pro Longwear, but it looked fantastic (there is some on the way to me shortly hopefully, so I'll tell all soon) It's a pretty androgynous look with no real colour at all, but it is a good look to accompany the Camel trend that is all over the place this Winter.

Standout products for me from the masterclass were:
  • Pro Longwear Foundation
  • Pro Longwear concealer
  • Skin Finish Mineralize Powder
  • Brush 223 - for precise work in the socket of the eye
  • Brush 194 for working a red lip
  • Brow pencils in Lingering and Stud
  • Brown paint stick for the glossy brown eye
  • Lip erase to take down natural lip colour to create a perfect nude.

So, that is that. I'm all fired up with new ideas for this seasons looks and am looking forward to putting them into practice on some of the beauty shoots I have coming up in the next few weeks.

Thanks MAC!

(images via makeup for life )

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Nic (WarPaintGuru) said...

Wow sounds like an amazing event! I love the classic red lip but don't think I could brave going with no mascara! I love the voile veil idea to very dreamy and magical! xxx

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