Friday, September 24, 2010

Bags Of Style

The days of the huge leather shopper bags are over for me. At least for this season anyway!

This year I want ladylike, grown up handbags, reminiscent of the ones my Mum had when I was young. Yes, I'm harking back to the 70's, but aren't they lovely!

I wont be able to fit a thing in them as I'm so used to carrying the kitchen sink and Lu's entire changing kit in my big bags....but I'll learn to downsize!

(all from zara )


Fiona said...

Oh no!!! I can't be without my massive bags any more :-)

Raychill said...

My comment is the same as the above really - how can I fit my kitchen sink in such little bags :(

Nic @ The War Paint Guru said...

Love these bags!

Ellie I said ages ago I would send you the BeautyUK polish in Smokey lilac. I went to find it and it has been discontinued and all the new colours introduced! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled in other superdrugs for you! xxx

Ellie Balfe said...

Nic, You're so sweet....don't worry about it though, only if you come across it! xx

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