Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Budget Beautifier

I ask a lot from a foundation product; I expect it to have a decent coverage but not too much. I want natural skin tones, not an orange hue. I want a glow not a matte mask or a glittery oil slick. I want it to look like my skin but better, and I don't want it too cost too much. So basically I want a lot for a little!
However, I don't feel I am being unreasonable, of course not...we all want the same things right?
So finally I feel that the cosmetic houses are listening as there are quite a few nice options out there to choose from....
Last week I was wearing the Second Skin foundation from Max Factor for a few days and I liked it a lot. At first I thought it may be too sheer to have any effect whatsoever. They say it 'provides coverage that is almost undetectable' ...well what good is undetectable? I would like to see the improvement in my skin thanks very much, not so slap it on and wonder if it's having any tangible result.
But it is good. It is light in coverage similar to a tinted moisturiser formula but it has a bit more magic than that; it adds soft luminescence to the skin and it was very flattering...I genuinely felt as though my skin looked younger and more hydrated. Both of which are welcome benefits believe me!
I was very happy with this budget star, it fulfilled all my expectations.

(High maintenance, moi?)

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