Monday, July 26, 2010

Dior Pumps it Up

My lashes really don't know what's hit them... If they were to ask I would tell them that many, many layers of various mascaras are what is hitting them and on a pretty regular basis these days! I'm trialling my way through lot's of tubes to find my new favourites. Unfortunately a lot of them are pretty rubbish; I expect a lot from my mascara and I'll only tell you about the really worthy offerings.
This week I've been wearing Extase by Dior which promises 'flash pumping in record time' ...whatever that is supposed to mean!
I've found it to be a nice one but I still prefer the original DiorShow to be honest. The brush with Extase has peaks and valleys on it which I presume are supposed to load up the volume at points along your lashline...a little unnecessary I think, but it's nice all the same. It is volumising and very dark, so it does the job and That Is All.

Don't expect wonders but certainly give it a try.

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