Monday, July 12, 2010

A Word on Looking Young

I have been thinking about all things anti-aging recently, so here are some of my thoughts and tips to retaining our youthful glow. Now, I know the picture I've chosen is of a beautiful model who is probably about 17 and we are mere mortals, but bear with me, these tips will help!

In my view, it come down to two things... your beauty regime and your attitude.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate regularly and gently, don't be hard on your skin, it's thin and fragile.
  • Get a moisturiser that you love and it loves you back, but use less of it than you do at the moment; let your skin do some work for itself. Skin can self-regulate, this means that it knows how to cleanse itself and moisturise itself via it's oil production (this doesn't mean you can sleep in your makeup!)
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Don't argue, just do it.
  • Get a lighter formula foundation to give a glow. Matte skin is dull and aging.
  • Grow your brows out (within reason!) Thin arches= old fashioned.
  • Get a sheer face powder to keep everything in place.
  • Get a great under eye concealer to lighten and brighten - takes years off instantly.
  • Find a cream blush in a pinky peach for a dewy flush of youth.
  • Open your eyes with a good mascara that enhances your individual lashes; not all mascaras are equal so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Look for basic lengthening mascaras for day and extra volume for night.
  • Find the neutral eye shadow palette that makes your eyes pop. Hint - they will be in the peach colour family.
  • Get a sheer lipstick that is one tone deeper than your own lip colour. This will make your lips look moist, full and natural. Keep strong glosses to a minimum or just for night. A sheer colour is classier.
  • Take omega oils, eat your greens and yes it's as boring as Hell but drink lot's of water. It works, I promise.
With regards to an anti-aging attitude; it may be simplistic but enjoy your life, don't envy other peoples. Don't be influenced by beauty ads in magazines; they are designed to make you feel inferior! Trust that you are fabulous and fun and above all, don't let the bastards get you down!

(I'll climb down from my soap box now!)


Anne said...

Well said Ellie!

Ellie Balfe said...

Thanks Anne!

Emma said...

great pic, her freckles are fab!

WarPaintGuru said...

I agree on the sunscreen! It's so important for me that my skin gets as little skin damage as possible! xxx

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