Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Budget Look

Yesterday afternoon I did one of my favourite things; I pottered around my local chemist trying out colour combinations and I bought these three things which I am really happy with.
The velvet touch lip liners by Danish brand GOSH are wonderful...I have never used them before and I will now be a loyal fan. The texture is fantastic; smooth, silky and full of colour. I bought Nougat Crisp which is a deep tea rose colour.

I then moved to Bourjois which is a range that I rate quite highly for budget's not a heavy hitter in all it's categories but the colour ranges are strong and certainly give value for money. You can stock up quite a decent collection for relatively low cost which is music to all our ears these days right? I bought the 3D lip gloss in shade 42 which complements my new lip liner perfectly!

Sure I couldn't just leave it there now could I? I had to complete my new lip look with a nail polish to match! On trying this Bourjois shade called Beige Glamour I initially thought it was a bit of a strange's an unusual deep nude-y mauve and quite like the shade my very vintage piano teacher used to wear!
I tried some on my nail and put it down but after I looked around some more I realised that it is a great shade and it actually felt quite contemporary so I snapped it up. It's a departure for me as I normally wear pale or red polishes but I love this now... it'll be fantastic with all the greys, nudes and camel tones that I'll be inputting into my winter wardrobe ( I hope!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie,

Have you tried the GOSH eyeliners? So much fun to be had with them!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just realised I didn't put my name on the last comment!

Fifibelle x

Ellie Balfe said...

Hi Fifibelle,

Thanks for your comments!
Yes I have and I think they're very good. It's a great range...lot's of hits and only a few misses! I'll be posting about them again soon I feel...
Ellie x

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