Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nailing it

I love Essie polishes. I think they are the best out there and I get excited about their new shade releases each season...if you're not in a position to pre-order the seasonal fashion collections (who can?!) you can perhaps afford to sate your shopping hunger pangs with a new wardrobe of on-trend nail colour.
I'm wearing this shade at the moment; Playa del Platinum. I love the admittedly slightly odd trend for grey nails at the moment, and this pale, greyish sliver is gorgeous. It's great with tanned hands and a load of silver bangles stacked up your wrist.
You can get it here


aisli said...

Love Love Love Essie polishes for French Manicure... I get them on ebay!! although still havent mastered the knack of not chipping after a few days, even with Essie under and top coat?

Lovin this blog too! :0)

Ellie Balfe said...

Thanks Aisli, glad you like it!
I find that the Essie Three Way Glaze is great for making polish last..have you tried that?

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