Monday, July 5, 2010

My New Book

This weekend I was treated like a queen by my dear friend Hugh. We went for a fantastic lunch at Pichet followed by beers, chats and people watching. We ended up dancing to 90's music and laughing like loons! A fantastic weekend...

He also gave me this wonderful book; Stylist- The Interpreters of Fashion which is a beautifully produced bible of good taste. It celebrates the greatest fashion stylists and their work. The roll call includes Grace Coddington, Polly Mellen and Corine Roitfeld who are all celebrated for their vision, their modernity, their unrivalled creativity and sheer brilliance.

The book showcases iconic shoots that are inspiring and even challenging... not just pretty pictures, but epic images that make strong statements. They push the boundaries and that is what these stylists are about. They rattle the cage of the fashion world, they never think small, their imaginations are deep pools that we can only dream of swimming in.

Drew Barrymore styled by Grace Coddington for Vogue in one of her typically luscious fairy tales.

Fashion legends... Grace Coddington on the left, Polly Mellen in the middle.

Get the book here

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dearbhla kelly said...

I must have a copy of this book!!!!!!!!

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