Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Announcement - Listen Up!

So my dears, there have been some major changes in my professional life of late, some slightly sad, some super exciting.

My makeup course business; Boylan & Balfe - The Makeup People, is no more. We have decided to part company and walk our own paths. To be honest, there were three people in the relationship (to borrow a phrase from a princess) and those three were Myself, Ken and The Recession! The past few years were tough and since I had Lu, my priorities and the way I want to work have evolved. Now, I am writing more and more for both this blog and other publications, and my interest has moved on to a different type of makeup training. So that has led me to launch my own range of makeup courses.

Beforehand in the Boom years, it was all about glamour. It was all about making people up for a red carpet event or night out, no question of expense. The same thread was through the courses; people had money to spend and they didn't hesitate to buy everything we recommended.

Nowadays, as you know, flashing the cash is a little vulgar and so is over-the-top glamour. Sure, it's marvellous in the correct context, but women want to learn about a new way to feel beautiful; in a more authentic way that isn't ostentatious but quietly subtle. Allowing their real beauty to shine through.

So, to answer these instincts for the new , I am launching my solo makeup business. I have designed two new makeup courses that I hope will speak to women now.

The first is called Beauty on Your Budget and this will teach you how to tell the best from the rest in all the budget brands. On this half day course you will watch me demo a day and night look and do one on yourself, using a mix of what I think are the best products from the cheaper ranges. When you used to spend €50 on a foundation, I can show you how to spend the same and fill your makeup bag!

The second half day course in the pipeline is called New Mama Makeover, aimed at all you new mums who feel you've lost your Mojo somewhat! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I was there not so long ago. I totally understand how your skin and hair changes as well as having this new body. Mix that with no sleep and crazy hormones and the old you is a distant memory. That's when you need to see me! This course will be a fun way to learn the tips, tricks and products needed to get you back in order. Or at least look that way, and quickly too. No new mum has any time on her hands, so I won't be preaching to you about layering on primers and leaving them to set. I'll be telling how to put your best face forward in minutes.

I also have another exciting project in the works but its still under wraps so you'll have to wait and see!

I would dearly love to see some of you, my lovely readers, on one of these courses in the future. What fun we could have talking about pretty things!

(Psst... spread the word!)


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great News! Congrats! Both courses sound great. If I lived in the UK, I would definitely be checking them out.

Velveteen said...

Hi Ellie,

Sad to hear about you & Ken going your seperate ways, but thrilled to hear about your new venture. It's very exciting.

I'm really interested in doing the Beauty on Your Budget course.

Will you email me with details of cost, venue, dates and so on when you have them finalised.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ellie Balfe said...

Thanks for your comments Alicia and Velveteen!

Velveteen, I'll post details as soon as I have them confirmed. Just getting all the brands on board at the moment and looking at suitable venues. Exciting! Really hope to see you soon x

Katy- ArtFelt said...

Hi Ellie, your new ventures sound very exciting and right on the money as regards themes and timing! I'm not exactly a 'new mama' these days, but really like the sound of this course in particular- post details when you have them! Wishing you the very best of luck and success, xx

sandy said...

Best of luck in your new venture.

bernicekelly2000 said...

Best of luck Ellie! Just wondering if you have any plans to hold these courses outside of Dublin? If so, do keep us posted.

Big Girl said...

Hi Ellie, sorry to hear about the Balfe&Boylan courses - I did one of these in 2007 and loved it...But onwards and upwards as they say. Please keep us updated as I really enjoy the blog and could do with the Beauty on a Budget course!!!
As always, wishing you lots of success with your new ventures :)

Audrey said...

Best of luck in your new venture. I'd be interested in the New Mamma course for sure.

Siún said...

Sad to hear it's all over for Boylan and Balfe but exciting news for you! The blog is fab, I am an avid reader, keep it up :)

sevda said...

Loving the sound of the first course.

While I'm not a Mum - I'm always rushing in the mornings, so you could easily adapt that course another way so as to capture people like me. You could call it Beauty for not so norganised.

I'd love a course in mastering a few day time looks. One for work, one for the market, one for meeting mates for coffee, etc. That could be called beauty for different days.

The very best of luck to you.

AimeePod said...

Hi Ellie - best of luck with your new ventures - Ive been taking lots of advice from your blog on products recently and they've all worked out great - the Beauty on a Budget course sounds right up my street - I look forward to finding out the details! I will certainly spread the word too.

Elle said...

Best of luck with it love. Great idea so I'm positive you'll be very successful with it! Hopefully get along for a morning when you get going! My make up bag could do with a budget uplift! :) said...

I think you're on a good track, and lovely course ideas! Best of luck with it :)

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