Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clinique does Christmas

The postman arrived with a parcel the other day and when I ripped it open I came over all girly and immediately sat down and started playing with the contents. This is the new collection fromClinique for Christmas and I think it's a great, wearable accessible look. No, it's not high fashion or even particularly related to any definite trend this season, but it's pretty. And it will be pretty on lot's of different complexions and age groups, so therefore Clinique are on to a winner with Strawberry Fudge.

The shades in the eye shadow trio range from a pale pinky flesh toned base to a mid brown with rose shimmer and a deeper slate brown. I prefer to use the mid tone first all over the lid, then blend the darker tone into the outer third of the lid above and below and last of all, add a light wash of the paler shade to the middle of the lid to make the colours pop. (FYI - I think the paler shade on it's own may look a little 'red rabbit eyes' if you use it alone, so keep it for using as an accent colour). The compact also contains a gorgeous rosy blush that is a classic shade and so good for brightening up winter cheeks.
I also love the lip liner in Plush Pink and the Vitamin C lip smoothie in Strawberry Bliss and I have been wearing them ever since trying them! The lip smoothie is like a gloss-balm hybrid which works for me as I'm over the full- on glossy, plastic lip look. This is a softer option and contains all sorts of virtuous ingredients to help maintain the condition of your lips in these increasingly freezing temperatures.

The collection hits counters on November 12th, check it out for yourself or as a prefect pretty pressie for someone else...

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Skinni Peach said...

absolutely LOVE Cliniques makeup, I think they're some of the best on the market!

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