Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Nineties Revival

Brown is back. And, yes, in that flat, nineties, Monica from Friends kind of way! We all rejoiced when it departed and Bobbi Brown's un-challenged reign over our beauty tastes was taken down by the dewy looks of the naughties. When the millennium passed, we all resonated with the soft, glowy looks introduced on the faces of Kylie and Jennifer Lopez, and we still do. They are so much more flattering and youthful looking than the matte complexions we tended to sport in the 90's.
But everything comes around again and I have found myself quite drawn to this new lip shade by Revlon. It is the Lustrous lipstick in Mink and it gives a nice creamy finish with that familiar old brown tone that is strangely attractive! I don't advocate a complete nineties look for the entire face; that would be far too dated. But this blast from the past can be cool if paired with a sheer glowy skin and some soft, shimmery oyster and champagne shades on the eyes and a peachy pearly blush such as Coralista from Benefit to keep the cheeks contemporary.

Try it... it's a little retro but a lot cool.

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