Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want To Come to a Party With Me?

Are you free on Wednesday the 8th of December? Want to come to a great shopping evening at Harvey Nichols with the Sunday Times Style Magazine? Free cocktails and 20% of fashion and 10% of beauty. And I'll be there doing some party makeup looks. Pass this link on, the more the merrier....

There's another great reason why you should come...

I will be launching my new partnership with Harvey Nichols on the evening and I'm pretty excited about it! I will now be available in a beautiful private suite in the store for one on one makeup lessons where I will pick the best products for you from all the store has to offer and teach you how to use them to best effect. It is a two hour personal beauty shopping experience and it is only offered by me in Harvey Nichols. You cannot get this service in any other department store.
It's a great way to get access to an experienced professional makeup artist who is only focussed on you. I will edit your current makeup collection and advise you on what to buy to create the looks I show you. I work with your budget and your personal taste to design your new looks and update your makeup collection.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by all the brands facing you when you walk into a department store, here is your solution. Come and see me...we'll have such fun!

P.S. It's a pretty cool Christmas present and gift vouchers will be available from Harvey Nichols.


Big Girl said...

Hi Ellie

Just wanted to pass on Best of Luck for your new endeavour with Harvey Nics..It sounds like great fun and something I will need to do on my next visit to Dublin!! I wish you much success :)

Best Wishes

Big Girl

Ellie Balfe said...

Thank you so much Big Girl, I'd love to see you there soon!


Skinni Peach said...

wow, thats unreal!! weldone! wish i was living in Dublin, would be into in a shot! hope it all goes well for you! .x.

valentina said...

Hi Ellie,

First of all, I just started fallowing your blog and I must say I am quite enjoying it, especially now that I am staying in a lot with this freezing weather!
I have a question about the event in Harvey Nichols on Wednesday, do I have to register for a make up lesson with you or do I just show up? How does it work?

Good luck with the event, sounds like a Lot of fun!

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